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Tabletop role playing games or RPGs are a special sect of gaming that is quite different from your usual board or video games. Putting a strong emphasis on interactive storytelling and rolling all manner of multi-sided dice, tabletop RPGS offer a unique social experience for their players. There are countless games that fall under this particular genre, but none is as popular or well-known as the king of tabletop RPGs: Dungeons & Dragons (D&D for short). My blog will serve to be a sort of guide to the extensive world of D&D, for both veteran players and newbies alike. I hope to educate my audience about the mechanics of this game, about its history, and also about some of the psychology about what it is that draws people to play D&D as well as what certain choices in the game can tell about players.


Well, I’m Evie Lubak; although, on Youtube, DeviantArt, and a host of other sites; I’m better known by my screename of DuskLugia. I’m a junior at William Peace University majoring in writing and communications (graphic design).

Not going to sugar coat it, I am a huge geek and nerd (there is a difference, you know). Whether it be video games, movies, TV, comics, or whatever; I’m crazy about this stuff. As both an artist and a writer, many of the fandoms (a mass community of fans for a particular topic or form of entertainment, for those unfamiliar with the term) I am a part of inspire me daily, influence who I am as a person, and have helped me to meet many of my close friends. Playing video games, in particular, is one of my favorite pastimes with my favorite genre of games being that of Strategy or Japanese RPGs (see above for acronym) which includes extremely popular series such as Pokemon or Fire Emblem.

So, how does this have anything to do with Dungeons and Dragons? Why am I talking about video games when this is a blog about tabletop RPGs? Well, you see, I’m actually relatively new to the world of D&D. As a well-known geek, I had heard of this game before, but I had next to no knowledge of what it actually was…outside of the classic mechanic of rolling dice. It wasn’t until about a year ago now that while catching up with a good friend from high school that I was formally introduced to D&D. She was telling me about a new D&D campaign she had just started on her college campus with a group of friends and, after noticing my intrigue about the game, invited me to join their next session. Long story short, ┬áthe experience I had that weekend was, dare I say, life changing. I fumbled through most of the game as I had near no knowledge of the rules or game mechanics (I had been given the barest rundown by my friend right before the game), yet crowded with nine other people around a table in a college lounge, I had the time of my life playing as dragonborn warlock (I was the villain at the time) engaged in an epic boss battle against a motley crew of adventurers played by the rest of the group. D&D provided the interactive story, wide range of character customization, and enthralling action and adventure I so loved in RPG video games, but it also added a new social element. Though D&D, I met a whole new group of friends, many of which were just as big of geeks and nerds as I was.

Obviously, I was hooked after that first session and continued to attend on a weekly basis. I joined whatever campaigns I could (be they D&D or another Tabletop RPG such as Mutants & Masterminds) if I could fit them into my schedule. D&D became a regular part of my life as well as one of my best ways to get out and socialize (I’m a HUGE introvert). To players, D&D is more than just a game; it’s a multi-faceted culture and way of life.

My hope is that through this blog I can introduce D&D to people who may have never heard of it or are curious about it like I was, perhaps even prompting some to explore it more on their own. For D&D veterans out there who may stumble across my blog, while I don’t have years of experience or much expansive knowledge of D&D outside of 5th edition, I hope to still provide interesting content and opinions on this revolutionary game.